dr. johanna malita

General dentist, DMD

Dentistry is the most wonderful profession there is. My mother is a dentist, my brother is a dentist and I practically grew up in a dentistry setting. By the time I attended University I already knew most of the things going on in a dental surgery. But practice does not make you perfect, very soon I understood that in order to have success you have to first learn how to do something perfectly and then, by practice, by practicing the correct thing, you can achieve success. I'm very fond of continuing education, over the years I have perfected my studies by attending Dawson Academy or Spear Education where I had the chance to learn dentistry from some of the world's best dentists.  Also, recently I became a member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) which gives me the chance to improve my skills in the field of cosmetic dentistry and support my goal of clinical excellence.

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dr. roland dinu

Dental surgeon, DDS

I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for dental surgery, early on, during my first years at Semmelweis University, where due to the inspiration I received from my mentors I fell in love with that which would become my profession. I continued my studies in Austria (Medizinische Universität Innsbruck) where for one year I studied and worked on the maxillofacial surgery department. In 2011 I graduated from Semmelweis University with „summa cum laude”. Understanding that care and attention, skills and precision have an important role in any surgery procedure, I wanted to improve my skills and studies with the Master of Implantology fellowship program at New York University (2015-2017). By working both in private practices and public healthcare institutions, both in Hungary and also abroad (London, Zürich, and Bern), I managed to gain extensive experience in the full range of oral surgery procedures.

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 What Makes us different?



From crowns and bridges to implants and complex total mouth rehabilitations on implants, they all have three things in common: they are naturally beautiful, always comfortable,  while also in harmony with your entire body health. We manage to predictably achieve this performance by combining function with biology and aesthetics, then applying the concepts of Integrative Dentistry in our treatment plans. This approach could save you from years of pain, suffering and extensive costs for multiple and repeated health problems.




Once you become our patient we treat you like our extended family. For us, this means to treat you with integrity, to be honest, and truthful in our effort to give you back your oral health. Dr. Johanna Malita always starts her treatment recommendations with this question: “Would I do it on myself?”. Because of that, we are always using the highest quality materials, the best dental technicians, the latest innovations, and technology. That means for us family and integrity and this is the way we would like to be treated, on our term, as well.




Because we are able to restore the original function of your teeth using Complete Dentistry and because we treat you with integrity using the highest quality materials, we are able to do the right thing in the right way and the result of that is long lasting dentistry and smiles that last a lifetime. This generates trust, and trust has to be nurtured. We do that by standing behind our work with one of the best dental warranty programs available, a dual level warrantee program (6+4), giving you up to 10 years of warranty for your dental work.



This is the starting point in our practice, an initial Occlusal and TMJ evaluation to make sure that all following treatments will contribute to a smile that is healthy, comfortable and naturally beautiful.  


We go well beyond traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures to restoring the function and comfort of your teeth and gums, achieving in this way predictable, long lasting results.


Using high quality dental implants and the latest treatment techniques, we can offer from single to multiple teeth implants, restoring your ability to eat properly and smile with confidence .


By using a combination of restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implants, Dr. Johanna Malita has the expertise and experience to help anybody achieve the smile that they dream.                                       

The Comprehensive Dental Examination

if you want a different level of dental care...

Experience complete dentistry by going through a comprehensive dental exam at our surgery in Budapest. We guarantee you a different experience and a higher result than you would get in a regular dental practice. Dr. Johanna Malita and our staff will set the stage for a caring relationship with you based on a thorough understanding of your needs by analyzing  4 different areas: aesthetic (beauty), functional (jaw, joints, facial muscles and teeth), structural (teeth health) and biological (gums, infections, oral-systemic connections). Our first examination includes Panorama X-Rays, digital photos (to co-diagnose your teeth with the doctor), a detailed treatment plan and a written report of the findings.

From your very first appointment, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the dedicated care you receive. Through proper diagnosis and treatment planning, you’ll be able to receive treatments in a more conservative manner, which will allow you to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and maintain a healthy smile for your lifetime. We look forward to serving you with uncompromising integrity.



Dr. Johanna Malita, DMD

(General dentist)


With over 12 years of experience in the dental profession, Dr. Johanna Malita has perfected her skills and expertise by attending Dawson Academy and  Spear Education, while she is also a member of AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) and other organizations where she has the chance to meet and get training from some of the world's top dentists.

Dr. Roland Dinu, DDS

(Dental Surgeon)

Not all dentists have the appropriate background and experience to allow their patients to receive the highest level of care, especially when it comes to a complex oral, implant or bone replacement treatment. Dr. Dinu Roland, on the other hand, loves challenges, and behind his firm and precise hand movements stand many years of professional experiences and high-quality training

Valéria Kovács

(Dental assistant)


Valeria has many years of experience as a dental assistant and most of all she really loves taking care of our patients. Ever-present to help when we need her, she tirelessly takes care of the cleanliness of our office and is directly responsible for the sterilization procedures including making sure that all instruments are individually packed and properly cleaned. 



(Dental assistant)

Judit is our main surgical assistant. Her vast experience in the field of dentistry, recommend her to do all the activities related to the dental assistance, but she is most pleased to do activities related to dental surgery. This is the place where you will best benefit from her talent and self-confidence. Within minutes she will mitigate your fear and make you feel comfortable.

Réka Dallos

(Patient coordinator)


Réka is our first impression manager. She will most probably answer your call, always kind and helpful, she fluently speaks French, English and Slovak. Skillfully handles the latest software applications and solves our most difficult technical problems in seconds. She loves dentistry and therefore she continues to study and the necessary training to become a registered dental assistant

Eugen Malita

(Practice Manager)


Holding a degree in software engineering and an entrepreneurial spirit, over the years Eugen has developed several successful ventures in the field of information technology and online marketing. If you have a chance to speak with Eugen you will understand pretty fast that he has a real passion for dentistry and patient care. Through his work he wants to bring meaningful transformation in peoples life.

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