Meet Dr. Johanna Malita


Dr. Johanna Malita is very passionate about her profession and her goal is to do the kind of dentistry that exceeds your expectations, that brings value and transformation into your life. She has over 12 years of experience in the dental profession, treating patients of all ages, but her main focus over the years has been in the area of full mouth rehabilitations, restorations on implants, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontics. For her, as she relates to dentistry, function comes first and everything else is secondary. The reason for that is that when you manage to properly restore the function of your teeth, doing functional dentistry, your teeth will be in harmony with your masticatory system, ultimately with your body, and the result will be teeth that are always comfortable and long lasting.   

Her main motto when writing the treatment plans for her patients is: “Would I do it on myself?”


Dr. Johanna has completed her dental training at University of Medicine and Dentistry “Iuliu Hatieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, in 2005. She grew up in a dentistry setting, her mother and brother are also dentists, and after graduation, she worked as an associate dentist with her mother in the same practice. In 2014, she moved with her husband and two kids in Budapest and started working as an associate in one of the best dental clinics in Budapest, Implant Center Budapest.

From 2017, Dr. Johanna Malita also started her own private practice and is the founding dentist here at Johanna Dental. She loves very much Budapest, for many reasons, but mostly because it is here where she had the chance to combine her advanced studies in restorative dentistry with a great abundance of complex implant restoration cases. Budapest is recognized as the Dental Capital of Europe because tens of thousands of patients come here every year for complex restoration works and full mouth rehabilitation. It is a great place to practice dentistry.

Dr. Johanna is also very fond of continuing education. She goes way beyond the official requirements in this field and takes yearly over 200 hours of quality continuing education courses with some of the world’s best doctors.

As a result of her experience and education, Dr. Johanna Malita is also incorporating into her treatment plans specialized dental services using oral appliances and equilibration techniques to address bite/jaw related problems (TMJ) or concerns like worn dentition and bruxism.



Dr. Johanna Malita has been married for 12 years and together with her husband Eugen, they have two children. She enjoys cooking, gardening and seaside holidays. Beyond that, she is really a health-conscious person, inclined towards natural remedies and healthy living.