Meet Dr. Dinu Roland!

Dr. Dinu Roland's aspiration for excellence started early in his life, while he was still attending Semmelweis University, when he decided to work in the field of dental surgery. He then took on the responsibility of this profession and over the time he constantly strived to expand and improve his practice and experience in this field.




  • • Medizinische Universität Innsbruck (Austria) – Graduate study (2010)
  • • Semmelweis University (Hungary) – Summa Cum Laude (2011)
  • • Universita degli studi di Trieste (Italy) – Postgraduate study (2014)
  • • New York University (USA) – Master of Implantology (2017)


  • • Magyar Fogorvosok Implantologiai Tarsasaga
  • • FOR Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation, a szájüregi egészségért világszervezet
  • • DentalXP – Amerikai fogaszati es implantologiai szakcsoport.


• Implantology:

- Immediate implantation and immediate loading

- All-On-4 technique,  fixed full lower-arch restoration on four implants. Graftless procedure with immediate function.

- All-On-6 technique, fixed full upper-arch restoration on six implants. Graftless procedure with immediate function.

• Bone Grafting Procedures:

- Internal sinus lift - graftless sinus augmentation technique with contextual placement of implants.

- External sinus lift - Lateral wall sinus elevation technique.

- GBR lateral augmentation technique

- Alveolar ridge preservation 

• Piezo-surgery:

- Bone-grafting and transplanting from the retromolar area (harvesting from the ramus).

- Bone-grafting and transplanting from the chin area (harvesting from the symphysis).

- GBR lateral augmentation technique

- Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

Mission Statement

"My job is to plan and execute every dental implant surgery, bone grafting or periodontal surgery procedure with great care and attention, with the most modern equipment and with maximum precision. I feel very fortunate that I can deal with these special and complex treatment procedures every day." - Dr. Dinu Roland, DDS (dentoalveolar surgeon)